Friday Quote: Food For Soul

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well and taking care of yourself and your pets of-course. Now it has been a while that I have been mentioning in my videos and articles about how you must be taking care of your pets, actually, the reason that I keep asking is that people tend to forget that they have Animals as pets at home, and they forget that they are also a member of the family. It is supposedly taken as a living thing, which is just present at home and nothing else, for them, those animals who keep waiting for their owner to return means the world came back to life.

It is such a sad reality that people have forgotten that these Animals whom we keep as pets are our responsibility throughout the life. We cannot and should not just abandon them because they came in your house because you wanted them, and just because your working hours have been extended, or you don’t get time to take them out for walk or spend time with them, you think to abandon the pets is very easy, you simply leash them, and leave them somewhere away from you, without thinking for a second, that the Animal had trusted you when you took him for the first time. He trusted you with his feelings, that you won’t hurt them, but you do, you actually do hurt them a lot which makes them think differently, they stop trusting humans and eventually their morale of living life to the fullest is all gone, broken to death. This is not what they deserve, if was your responsibility to take care of them until the end of time, you just for your sake, you acted selfishly, you simply abandoned them. Just feel that pain, agony, to be left all alone without his toys, food and water. It is the same feeling of a homeless man, just feel their pain and probably then you’ll realize that how it feels to be left alone to die on the street.

Imagine, if your comfort zone is being at home with your near and dear ones, all of a sudden everything is taken away from you, you’re made to spend a night somewhere else, how would you feel? You would feed aloof, scared, and would have multiple weird feelings at the same time. Similarly, these animals feel the same sentiments just like us. How can we abandon them? There are still people who do, and they have no remorse about it instead they share it with people around and feel as if nothing happened. Remember, it is not the animal who needs your help, you were actually given a chance by the Lord to feed your soul with kindness. Unless you still don’t get it, read that again “Animals rescue us if they come to us asking for food, it is you who is need to understand that and to return the favor on yourself”. Indeed, each kindness you do, shall make you earn a reward.

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