Saturday Post: Drive Safely

“Watch it, look out!”, the first words when you’re actually driving way too fast, with one hand on the steering wheel and other on the cell phone. What is happening to the world now, we have become so selfish and least concerned that we don’t really bother whom we have hurt or murdered! Yes, using the word murder because every single day, there are thousands of animals who are actually becoming the case of hit and run-on daily basis, they die gruesome death, and no one cares about them whether they are alive or in the middle of death. How ruthless we have become.

There were times when our parents, elders of the household would teach us how to be empathetic towards animals and how to treat them with affection and love because on the long run, it is us who needs to be more kind than anybody else. Unfortunately, with the upbringing method nowadays, I don’t see anything even close to what we were taught back then. Forget treating your siblings equally, parents are not even bothered to teach their children the basics, life surviving method and even how to deal with stray animals. It is ridiculous when I spot teenagers literally uttering nonsense about Animals and what they wish to do as adventure. So basically, animals are a source of entertainment for the children nowadays, sadly and as parents, what are we doing to nurture them? I don’t have an answer to that as I see nothing is being done about it. If a child is caught speeding and unfortunately, he hits a cat and runs away, his parents would eventually have an answer to that and it would be that “it’s just an animal, not a human”. Excuse me! Animals are also living being and we as Humans need to be more empathetic towards them as they also hold the equal rights as of humans on this land. I always believe in the fact that whatever things our Creator has created is for a reason and hence, we as Supremacy, we need to take care of things below and under us, as we have been given the ability to identify between the wrong and right, but sadly, it is not taken in that account.

Speeding kills and everyone knows that, but no one implements on it. People driving way too fast at midnight, hurting many people and animals mostly as they are the ones, who are naive and have become the victim of hit and run cases mostly. Have you wondered, these animals have no one to make them cross the road even, if someone does-the rest of the people make fun of him. I don’t understand one-thing, why to make fun of someone who is actually doing the right thing on this planet by saving a life. It is time that we should learn to value things, people, living beings and nature because ultimately, we shall be judged for all our actions.

Think about it, drive safely and carefully, if you’re not bothered about your life, then at-least don’t be reckless enough to take someone’s precious life!

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