A Life Of A Street Animal

There is no such day where the life of the street animal is not at stake. Eventually, it is the norm of the society that if they spot a street dog specially, they would file a complaint and get it removed hence, murdered mercilessly. Which is a bitter reality and what most painful is that none of the people are really bothered that killing of the innocent animal is not a solution.

Most of the people really get judgmental and start cursing if they watch someone speaking for the rights of the street animals, according to them, the animals on the streets are nuisance and a hurdle as they bother in their day-to-day commute. For a second, none of them realize that it is them that makes these animals act in such a way, most of the people don’t even know that the lives of the animals on the street are at stake and it is because of the same people, who are ruthlessly driving, without caring that there is an animal which is crossing the road. All you need to understand is, that these innocent creatures didn’t just land on the street just like that, there is a root cause of the population that you witness on a daily basis and it is because when people are done playing with the feelings of the animal, they tend to fall for another animal which is from a good breed, hence it’s the breed which always wins the race, which is sad but true, that these innocent strays end up living lives miserably. All I am asking you all is to help me raise funds for the betterment of their lives so they can eat and live freely without having the fear that they won’t be killed or harmed by Humans. I am not scared of dogs and why should I be? If I am not disturbing them or hurting them, eventually they won’t hurt me too because these Dogs are naturally blessed to sense the smell of the Humans if their conduct is positive or negative. The feeling of feeding these strays is a blessing and only those who do it, can understand it very well.

These animals deserve to live, help us raise fund for them.

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