Memory Down The Lane

They said to keep cats, your life will be fun. I guess this is something what a wise man once said as it’s really fun when you have cats around as there isn’t a single moment where you won’t be entertained. Life is never the same again and I have to agree to this statement for sure!

I never knew that I would ever be into Cats as since my childhood I have had dogs and like what layman says, you need to have a hands-on experience when keeping pets and like I always mention in my articles to kindly do your homework before keeping a pet at home as it’s a huge responsibility. It wasn’t long enough that just recently I came across a household where the people of that house were so irresponsible when it came to their pets, as their beautiful Siamese cat used to often visit my place, what I noticed was that the Cat was not well and not well kept neither well fed. I wonder what the owners were thinking because once you have a pet at home, it is your responsibility to keep a check on your pet once they become your family. Animals tend to fall sick due to multiple reasons not just the health effects but overall as a personality it affects them badly.

This is what happens when you stop caring for them:

1- They tend to fall sick,

2- They stop eating, drinking and they stop acting to things;

3- They become agitated with the fact that no one cares for them;

4- Animals know when their owner is caring for them or abandoned them;

5- They start showing signs of neglect like head banging on the wall is the most common sign of being neglected.

Once these signs become prominent, I request you to take your pet to the Vet, as it needs immediate attention. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what’s wrong with your pet, as they don’t give much time for you to analyze it.

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