Zoo Should Be Banned

Ever wondered why I am always against Zoos, which once was considered as the best place for keeping Animals of all kinds and types. Over a period of time, in-fact, should I say that when I was a kid, I wanted to visit Zoo and really liked majestic Animals being showcased in that cage which I never knew was actually a death house for them. The poor souls were wanting attention by every visitor because they were never cared properly. Unfortunately, being a child back then, I always used to think what would be the life of the Animal living inside that cage? With time, I started to think even more about Animals because, I used to have dogs and since our childhood, we as a family are pet enthusiasts and really feel for every animal on this planet.

It was with them I realized the agony, misery, pain and so much hurt these Animals suffer alot and being at Zoo is terrible for them. It was not long enough when being an Animal activist I started to raise voice for all the voiceless all over the globe, it was then I started to gather knowledge that the Wild Animals that we witness being pictured at the famous Zoo and park are actually sedated most of the time so that the tourist can have a picture with the Wild Cat. Did you know about this? Even the Elephants that carry tourist on its back is abused badly, that if you remove the cover and that heavy carriage which is kept on the back for the tourist to sit, you will see the bruises, the scars and even the wounds that have not been taken care of and they are still being used as a source of entertainment for the Humans present at the vicinity. The seals, dolphins, orca, and so many more every single day, they strive and struggle to live freely because Humans have captivated them for their entertainment. The SeaWorld, organizes famous Orca Show every year to entertain people, ever wondered how the lives of the trainers are put at risks, just speak to the trainers and you will know what they witness in those majestic whales living the life of captivity in that small tank! The more I mention about the miseries the more you shall stop yourself and your children for visiting Zoo, because at the end, we pay for having those Animals caged. Unfortunately.

The money that is used for bringing in the majestic animals, even if half of the amount is used on the Animals, probably the animals wouldn’t have been in this condition as of they are right now. It is really distressing to watch videos of these Animals dieing because they don’t have proper habitat, they are away from their families, they don’t get proper food neither they are thoroughly checked, neither they are monitored. It’s really sad to even watch these Animals in agony. If you really want to help these Animals, then stop going to the Zoo as it would end their misery and captivity.

Think about it.

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