Saturday Post: A Dog Is Still A Dog And Not A Pet!

This type of thinking and mindset still exists. It’s sad to see that how people have molded their thoughts and are not accepting that what they think is wrong and not valid.

It was just a few days back that I had spotted this dog sitting in cold weather, I approached him and kept food and water bowl, minutes later I noticed that he followed me to my house, and kept calling me to say thank you. The sweetest thing that I ever noticed was that how this dog felt so warmth of being cared and loved for. The way he drank water, it looked as if he wasn’t able to drink clean water since a long time. I felt so much for that little doggo. Next day, I noticed that he had got his friends along and now all three of them waited for me outside my house gate, while the people in the neighborhood hushed them away, which I didn’t like ofcourse, but they feared that the stray dog might hurt them or bite them which is the most common mindset of people. Humans forget that the Dogs have a quick sense of smell, they know that not every Human is going to hurt them, but they also know that living on the street is difficult and the only reason of their striving survival is because of the two legged, sadly.

I would request you all, to be kind to these Animals, these poor souls are wandering on the street because they have been left all alone and have no place to go. If you cannot do anything good for them then atleast don’t hurt them. You can contact the connected authority to get them treated, not killed. How many dogs would you kill? Is it sanity? what are we teaching our children, that we kill the animals who are not needed? How do we know, how do we determine which animal is needed or not? It is utterly disgusting and pathetic for the humanity because we Humans have only learned to remove those people, beings who are not useful to us!

These animals are our responsibility and every being on this planet has a reason to live, hence we are no ones to decide their death! So please, be kind, to every being, as you never know how many of your sins would be forgiven.

Think about it wisely.

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