Friday Quote: Humans Are the Worst Monster

I can really understand now that how the Humans are considered as monsters and it is just because of them, the animals are leading a difficult life that even their day-to-day survival has become so difficult. Every now and then, horrific stories are shared on my news feed and the impact it puts on me, it’s difficult to describe it in words as well.

Click Here if you just check this out you will know that how Humans have been abusing animals for their own interest that they have forgotten that the Animal is a living being and it can feel the hurt and pain too. Such act and situation often shows how empathetic Humans are and how much lack of knowledge they have that they cannot defer between the wrong and right. Fighting dogs- who are they? are they bred this way that they can be used for such sports? How it is so amusing for such people, even today, I had read about how these dogs are used, trained and bred that they become so ferocious and vicious that they are to be put down ultimately. Disgusting, what I don’t understand is, bloodshed can be a game as well? There is such lack of awareness that people don’t even know how to treat or handle a wild animal, not all wild animals are to be killed, neither are to be used for their amusing purpose. People who have lots of wealth and power, unfortunately are the ones keeping these animals for Show Off. Now what would you say about this? Click Here Cheetah’s cub found dead, previously, a strange clip was floating over the social media where it could be seen how people were misbehaving, abusing the poor cheetah who was badly stuck into the woods, instead of helping him climb down the path, they were hitting him, and once he was wounded, they dragged his body while he was alive, and then couple of men started to pull his hind legs, front legs while making painful videos and laughing out on the poor animal. Can you imagine, the pain and agony that animal must have felt? Can you imagine what he would be going through?

Are humans so empathetic? I fail to answer this question even today. Every day, my perception keeps changing about Humans and it gets not any better though, because these people have made me think about them what I think about them today. This is how it goes actually, because for me, the lives of the Animals matter the same way as of a Human life, because at the end of the day, we Humans would be held accountable for the acts that we performed while we were alive because then we won’t be having another chance of going back in time to undo what we did.

Act wisely before the time is up for you to realize!

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