KCP All Breed Dog Show

On the 8th January, 2023, KCP All Breed Dog Show was held at the Zamzama Park which began around 1pm and went out till late in the night. There is no doubt that people of Karachi are so much involved in pets that they make an effort of training their pets and bringing them on the show.

It is really nice to see that a good show was put up, where no as such manhandling of pets were noticed. At the previous event of Landesgruppen show, there was a participant who was found dealing with their pet harshly which resulted him in disqualification. I found it very interesting that these people who are spotted torturing their pets, are at the edge of showing off their pets but not really being concerned about how the pet feels when the owner manhandles them, strange. It is ridiculous how people tend to actually use animals for the source of entertainment and status, it is really something absurd that has been noticed in the pet industry.

I hope one day, everyone takes care of their pets instead of using them as something to show off.

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