Black Cats Myth

Earlier I remember that I had mentioned about the famous myth of Black Cats that we have been listening since childhood and probably this legacy has been continued that till to-date everyone knows it, some believe on it and some don’t because for them it is only ALLAH who knows it all better.

At times I do come across some such people who think that Black Cats are evil and they should not be cared for and should not be petted at home. What hurts me even more is that Animals, who the language of love and trust, the moment they trust one person, they trust the whole lot of Humanity which actually brings in end result of their death. The people decide whether a black cat should live or not. This mindset is going to end when people have forgotten their root cause of paying back to Humanity.

I wish someday, this world will be a better place where the Animals and Humans can co-exist without harming, killing one another.

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