Transition Of Becoming A Cat Mom From Dog Mom

Hello everyone, today I shall be sharing my journey of how it feels to be a Cat Mom vs Dog Mom. Honestly speaking, there isn’t a much of a difference when it comes to pets, because in either case, if you have a pet or have had one, then only you would be able to understand that owning pets of any category doesn’t really matter because what matters the most is, how a good person you are at heart.

It wasn’t that I just went to the shelter or a hospital to adopt a Cat, it all happened out of the blue moon. I wasn’t over my beloved’s Diesel death, and I literally missed him, and it’s not that I don’t miss him, I do and of course, no pet can take anyone’s place, they create their own space and fill it with love and affection. Months passed by and the pain of losing Diesel was even growing instead of fading, it started to grow within that it was really taking a toll of me that made me literally shattered and broken. I know my baby Diesel would be running free up above and must be happy. The transition happened in such a way that when Diesel passed by, I started to regularly feed the animals (though I was before), stray dogs and cats on a daily basis. I had set my timing of each day and used to visit to a certain place and pour their favorite Dog Food and Water in their respective bowls, each day, I used to feel so happy because the thought of knowing that the Animals are well fed, made me contended that yes! I did something good today-you can say, Food for soul. This practice went on and on, all the cats and dogs of the neighborhood area knew that there is this certain car which will park and bring lots of food and water. The cats of the area kind of remembered, followed me while I did my usual walk during midnight. This fact kept me going and the love and affection that I felt in these animals made me strive for more as the thought that these animals are struggling to live peacefully on the street makes me wonder, we Humans are so selfish that we forget about the living beings around us.

On a usual head out to walk one night, I found Pomie underneath the car. That second it struck me, this is what my Allah wants, HE wants me to keep the cat and give him shelter. That very moment I didn’t have anything to keep a Cat in, my friend who lives in my neighborhood and next door, came with her jet box and took him with her, fed him, and next day took him to the Vet. Within few days, I had Pomie with me Alhumdulillah, and this is how he took my heartbeat and taken all my space. Currently, I am writing my article with mr. pomie on my lap while he sleeps peacefully. Who knew, instead of keeping a dog I would keep a Cat.

This is what is planned by the best Planner of All, beshak.

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