Did You Know?

Animals are those species who are always on the look out of someone who can understand their feelings, sentiments and who can understand what their eyes have to tell about. Have you ever looked closely in their eyes? or maybe you couldn’t dare to as your fear came first before you could even help them with all that you have. That’s okay, I understand. I know what it is like to have no answer to your abrupt actions.

Let me share my incident, couple of years back when I moved to this new neighborhood, I saw plenty of Cats for instance and literally liked the fact, that there are many cats who are roaming around but are well fed and cared, I really liked this fact. Then one day, as I was on my routine walk, I saw these wild animals called Porcupines, which I have already shared it on my previous articles, the first experience was amazing because I didn’t see this big porcupine family roaming around freely in the area while people and children didn’t bother, it was until one day, when I realized and saw that these children who were waiting at a distance for the porcupine to come out of his cave, I stood at a distance and analyzed that what was exactly happening until I saw one of the child gathering stones from the ground, before I could even walk up to them to ask what they were upto, they quickly started to throw stones and whatever they could collect from the park. This shook me so hard, that I went to them in sheer anger and yelled about their act. Instead of listening to me and hearing me around those children didn’t even bother to understand that what harm they were about to do and what outcome would their parents had to suffer.

I don’t understand that how Parents are so unconcerned for their child when they are out at the park? What do I believe is that these children are supposed to be accompanied by their elders so that they know what their child is doing and how harmful it could be for the children and people around as well as the society. It is the duty of parents to identify their mistakes and to correct them, they should make it a point to teach their child empathy towards Animals. If your child treat an Animal well, be rest assured, he would be a great person at heart later.

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