Hide Out For Pomie

Cats are veru unpredictable, I had heard this statement for dogs though but I have to agree that cats are most unpredictable animals ever! They have this curious and inquisitive behavior which causes Humans to stay alert at all times, the way they stare, look and have their eyes all focused at one place which makes us scared, yeah, I have to agree it does.

This little video is of Mr. Pomie, who is comfy sitting underneath the sofa of the lounge, where he can clearly hear every members voice and can have a look at things which needs his attention. May it be anything, yes! even the little thread hanging under the sofa would get his attention and he would remain after it until and unless the thread is either out of the sofa or the sofa is completely ruined, in either way, Cats will remain Cats as for them, nothing matters!

They said it would be fun to have a Cat, and I can totally understand the FUN underlined!

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