Animals Are Family!

Animals are the beautiful creation and one of the prized possessions of Mother Earth. We even don’t know how many species of every being exists and in how many various forms, it is the Science and the people who study them, that they are able to discover and uncover the beautiful meaning of these Creatures. Humans have become to selfish that they have taken everything under their control, and they think that they have the right to take over of what is not in their capacity of control. People of the World have now started to explore nature, photography because back in those days, there was no sense of photography as the technology was not advanced back in those days but now, we can seize the moment by just one click that’s why, we have started to click pictures more than we can enjoy the serene view by our own eyes.

This is true that the beauty cannot be justified in the pictures because the true colors are not seen in the pictures, and it cannot be identified as well. If I was given a chance of exploring the nature without a Smart phone, I would have questioned the person granting me this opportunity because, it is the moment that I would cherish later in life. Do you know, if you get to explore the true meaning of Nature, you would be stunned by finding out how many animals and creatures exists between us and we still don’t know about them. It is not necessary to study a certain subject for discovering or learning about their existence, it is all about lack of Awareness which is not provided to the students in their schoolbooks. If you take an example of an Animal Cat, you would see so many Cats in the same print as the one you have in your home, ever wondered that how many Cats would be existing in the same print and coat as of theirs? It’s really weird to see that people don’t appreciate with what they have as this is the most prized possession actually.

Look: These animals wandering over the street everyday in search of shelter, clean food and water. They are not even blessed like out pets that can afford to have lavishly served food with clean water as they have to search it in the trash can and above all, they don’t even know whether they would be able to survive the other day or not, because Humans are the worst monsters. One thing is for sure, these animals are far more better trust worthy than Humans, because they don’t betray you, they don’t lie to you, they don’t cheat you-they stay by your side at all times, they don’t judge you for who you are, all they know is that you feed them and all they know is, they have YOU to trust! That’s it.

These Animals are the beautiful creatures of our Land hence it is our responsibility to take care of them as much as possible and to be kind to them at the best way we can. This is the least thing that we can do every day, by being gentle and kind.

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