Did You Know?

Since the summers have hit, the heat and the warm wind has made couple of people sick and ill. Not only the humans are affected, it is the animals too who are in the same boat. It is clearly visible that the warm weather is going to remain and also as the MET office have passed an alert about the weather to remain warm during the next week.

Therefore, it is requested to all of you to please keep a clean water bowl for the other animals to drink either outside your house or on your rooftop. Staying hydrated can save a life.

In order to keep your pets safe, all you have to do is:

1. Place Cooling Mat at a certain place where your pet sleeps or rest the most (indoor)

2. Give diluted milk with water (cold) for him to feel better and relax

3. Keep your pets indoors no matter what

4. Pat the forehead of your pet with cold water, to keep the head cool. Heat stroke can break down the nervous system

5. Avoid giving heavy meals. Divide the quantity of the food, and give 4-5times. The meal shouldn’t be heavy. Usage of boiled chicken and boiled rice should be religiously practiced.

We all love our pets and they are someone as close to us as family.

Share in your ideas, let’s help others gain knowledge and share views. Together we can make a difference in our pet’s lives. Taking care of the street animals is also important and it does plays a vital role in our lives as well, because when we approach the good mindset and start implementing it, on a daily basis people around us, notice us and start adapting the same process. If your one act of kindness can actually bring a change for the good in the society then I guess, there is no harm is spreading the goodness in the Society, because this is much needed. Don’t you think so?

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