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  • Decide For Yourself!

    Decide For Yourself!

    Stop Animal Abuse! Using horses for entertainment, traveling or even carriages, itself is an abuse. They feel hot, tired, sick, thirsty and hungry by taking you out under any weather just so that you reach to your destination. Ever wondered about them? Tourists need to understand that these Horses are dealt with cruelty and abuse. […]

  • Giraffe As A Pet?

    Giraffe As A Pet?

    Mondays are always stressful as it’s the first day of the week after the weekend and to top it off, I got a notification that a Giraffe has been spotted in my City (Karachi)- Pakistan. Since then- I am just amazed with the Humans thought process! It is time that people should start learn to […]

  • Hope For Paws

    Hope For Paws

    “Hope For Paws”, you all must be thinking what does this means? Or might be some of you have various queries boggling in your mind. This week- we are here to share our personal thoughts, views and perceptions about how the society have worked well and is cooping up with the animal abuse and cruelty […]

  • Party Week Is Over!

    Party Week Is Over!

    Good morning people! Hoping everybody had a brilliant week. First of all a big thank you to those who got in touch with me personally. I am so overwhelmed with the feeling that my followers look forward to my posts. Thank you everyone! ☺️ Before I begin with my regular postings, I would like to […]

  • Is It Just Me?

    Is It Just Me?

    Good morning peeps! Today I have an interesting topic to discuss on. Before sleeping to bed I always think how have I spent the day, was it for the good or just wasted another 24hours thinking to do something in life! Like it is said- look before you leap, in order to think wisely I […]