Friday Post: Keep In Mind Before Adopting A Stray Animal

It is very important to learn the fact that whenever the animal is either calling out loudly, it is due to the panic that it is dealing and going with as their mother is not anywhere near them. Before you take up the responsibility of adopting a animal, make sure that their mother is not anywhere round as then it is a trauma for the mother and the baby as the little one won’t survive without it’s mother.

This image is very deep because it is depicting the reality that how these animals go through and deal with so much of anxiety and panic attacks.

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Saturday Post: Hit And Run

Always keep in mind that whenever you’re driving just make sure that you don’t hurt anyone with by reckless driving as it can be dangerous for you and the one you hit.

In most of the cases, it’s the animals who are hurt the most and left to die on the very spot, only few intervene and get them treated somehow. Some are lucky and some are unfortunate actually. If you somehow come across an injured animal then do rush for help because you never know, what ease would come to you in your life. Click Here to know.

Together we can and we will make this society better.

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Sunday Post: Story Of A Miracle Puppy

It is very strange that at times we end up in an unfortunate situation where we have left no choice except of listening to our heart. That’s the time when we are actually dealing with what we feel is right at that very moment, the act that needs to be done or taken care of. Similarly, the video that is shared below has a story that we actually have faced ourselves in our lives at some point of time.

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Let us know if you have ever ended up in such a situation where you had to take action immediately. Share your response below to let us know.

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An Eye Opening Factor

Animals are not source of entertainment. They belong to their own habitat and once they are out of their comfort zone they tend to lose their health, appetite and the will power to live life in captivity. Obviously who would want to live in a captivity! One should always think in the same way similarly as they are treated as pets.

Animals don’t deserve to live in Zoos to entertain Humans, neither beautiful majestic Orcas deserve to perform at Sea World for what they are not meant for. These artificial caged enclosure is not enough space for the wild animals to survive. This is specially for those species who roam in larger distances in their natural habitat. According to the sources, Lions and Tigers have 18000 times less space in the zoos than they have in the wild. Let alone Polar bears have one million times less space as compared to their own habitat. In such artificial habitat, majority of the animals suffer from behavioral problems, that is because of the less space given to them. How devastating it is to see that these beautiful animals die prematurely, majestic animals like Elephants live in the wild three times more than those in the zoos. 40% of the lion cubs die before they are one month of age, 30% of cubs die before they are six months old and the reason behind these deaths are the lack of predation. In the wild, they hunt for themselves which is another form of their physical activity unlike in the zoos. One of the majored reason of anxiety and behavior problem. Circus, Zoo and SeaWorld are all the something, they provide unnatural habitat, a place where the poor animals are trained horrifically, tortured till they learn the specific tricks, even the beautiful beast (Tiger) if they are unable to perform a specific trick they start having seizures and yet they are hit by hard iron rod, none the less, even the beautiful Orcas are taken away from their families, kept in a captivity, starved till they learn the tricks, given a limited amount of tank where they keep roaming around with other orcas in depression.

Captivity is unhealthy even for Humans, no wonder we tend to seek diversions in any way possible. But, what about the poor animals, who cannot speak up for their rights, who cannot raise their voice what they want and neither can they complain about the space they are living!

How ironic and yet we complain about ourselves and our lives!

Decide For Yourself!

Stop Animal Abuse!

Using horses for entertainment, traveling or even carriages, itself is an abuse. They feel hot, tired, sick, thirsty and hungry by taking you out under any weather just so that you reach to your destination. Ever wondered about them? Tourists need to understand that these Horses are dealt with cruelty and abuse. They’ve been hit, starved for days so that they perform well and their caretakers can earn more money.

Just look at this poor baby, don’t you feel the pain that he is going through. Look at his eyes, tongue sticking out, look at the metal piece in his mouth? That’s all a painful task!

Everyone should take a stance of not using any sort of animal as a carriage or even as a source of an entertainment. They are brought into this world for beautifying our nature not for picking up heavy people’s weight! We complain if we are given to work over time, how can these animals complain? We shout when in anger- what about these poor souls, who cannot even act annoyed because they know that they will be hit with a whip😔

Caretakers- Just for the sake of earning money they mistreat their own breadwinner, whereas the tourists, it is their source of entertainment, they make that poor animal suffer without realizing how will he be treated- if they didn’t perform well.

Think before it’s too late