What Is It Like To Be Chained?

In the recent rescue cases, we have come across with a higher number of dogs kept in chains throughout the day! It is quite understanding if the dog is tied with a chain for sometime but it is not acceptable to keep the dog chained for most of the hours today. What most of the pet owners do is that they tie the dog and leave on vacations or even abandon their pet not even placing water bowl and food. This is so heart wrenching bitter reality.

I don’t understand that what psychic these people have? What is the point of keeping their pets chained even though they know, that they won’t return to their rescue. Most of the times, I get disturbing calls and messages from people who have spotted the poor soul in scorching heat tied to a broken metal/grilled shade. Sometimes, the dogs are even spotted roaming around in their own dirt! This is so disturbing. It is better NOT to have a pet until and unless you are able to abide the responsibility of the poor animal, because it really makes no sense of abandoning the pet just because “you don’t know what to do with him”.

Please don’t be cruel and heartless! These animals are defenceless once they are kept as pets. Show mercy towards them. Everyone deserves kindness and so they do too!

Do You Have A First Aid Kit For Your Pets?

Calling all pet parents!

Though I should have wrote about this before but it’s always never too late to share any information. The purpose of writing this article is to share a piece of information with all the readers as well as the Pet Parents and going to be Pet Parents. Just like when we have children or are about to have children, we tend to gather every necessary accessories and toiletries for them. Just how much we care for our children, we should also consider our pets as Family because they are our family.

It is important to have a first aid kit to provide medical assistance as soon as possible before taking to Vet. Whether you are out on vacations or camping and the vet is pretty far to reach to. Having a First Aid Kit can help you immediately.

Here’s what you need to have in a First Aid Kit:

1. Cotton balls, Medical Swabs,

2. Medical syringes, Pain killer, Fever reducing medicine,

3. Absorbent gauze pads,

4. Adhesive tape,

5. Icepack,

6. Disposable gloves,

7. Tweezers, medical scissors,

8. Syringes, Towels,

9. Antibiotic ointment,

10. Artificial tear gel,

11. Phone number and address of the nearest Veterinary Hospital.

It is very important to keep your pet’s kit handy whenever you go out on vacations or camping or on tours. Just like a baby bag, have a pet kit ready too!

Happy New Month!

Good morning people!

Hena’s Blog For Paws greets all the readers A Very Happy New Month of May! As it’s the first day of the month how many of you are at work or are off? Labor Day yeah!

How do you plan to go about the day? Let us know in your comments below.

Welcoming you with new ideas, topics and suggestions. All the feedbacks are welcome.

Looking forward to read your comments and hope we shall be able to grow more awareness for kindness towards animals. May we educate everyone who is deprived of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

May we grow as an individual and as a Nation. Amen

Heat Wave Alert

A request to all to please keep your pets safe! Indoors, hydrated and cool.

It is very important to check for the symptoms that are mentioned above in the image to identify if your pet has developed a Heat Stroke.

The weather is reported to stay warm and above 100 Fahrenheit so please, don’t keep your pets chained, or on concrete pavement- their paws might get burned or inflamed due to rising burning temperature.

Stay safe and keep your pets safe too!