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  • Show Kindness To Those Who Can Give Nothing In Return

    Every religion teaches us moral values, respect for elders and children, appreciating and letting go who did bad or hurt feelings. There is no religion which doesn’t teaches ‘Kindness’. It is a least act of being kind to anyone from elders to youngsters, from poor to rich and from humans to animals. It is the […]

  • Monday Blues

    Monday Blues

    Today I am here with no image and no dialogues to share but in fact, here to gather your attention for a cause- a cause to start thinking where our world is leading to, despite of race, religion, gender and caste. We as humans, have to think what we have done to make a better […]

  • Cats Are Too Cute!

    Cats Are Too Cute!

    On a busy errand day I was doing my grocery and walking towards by car, I got a glance of a huge tree with hanging pots for birds and food kept in bowl. While gazing at them I was glad to see that people are being so considerate for Animals. Upon sitting in my car […]

  • Hope For Life

    Hope For Life

    I saved a Life! Ever heard that voice from inside yourself? What a feeling it is to actually be happy from the inside out. As it is said “Success comes to those who go out of their comfort zone”. So, similarly- happiness comes to those who seek happiness in tiniest things around. We often tend […]

  • Rising Temperature Also Affects Our Pets

    Rising Temperature Also Affects Our Pets

    Over the years the weather has been badly affecting us and our pets, may it be any month of the year. The point raised here is very important for us to make sure that we are taking all the desired care to maintain the temperature of our pet. Do you know? Animals of all kinds […]