When I Needed A Friend, I Found A Paw

Friendships lasts forever but some friendships are the ones which are cherished with memories and stored in hearts forever. The kind of friendship I am referring is to of having a pet right beside when I was in need of somebody.

It’s not less than a miracle to have what it takes to be an Animal Activist, the reason I call myself an Animal Whisperer is because, animals find their ways coming to me when either hungry or hurt. They know that no matter what happens she is someone they can run to for shelter. Believe me when I say things have changed in my life, something in me has given me the strength for doing what I am doing for animals and the urge of keep on going is something, feels like that even the Universe wants me to carry on what I do for the animals.

What feels more different than the rest of the people is that we all know that Animals chose only those whom they can trust their selves with, and it is very difficult to gain their trust because each day these Animals face different kind of people who either give food or hush them away from the place they are peacefully sitting. What I don’t like is, the behavior of the people, whether educated or uneducated, rich or poor, all of them feel that they have the right to punish or use animals for entertainment. Recently, there was a huge wedding in Islamabad where the couple used the theme of Jungle, and expected to get an applaud for the amount that they had spent on such a lavish wedding, they had Parrots of different breeds at the entrance where the children could get their photographs done, then at the side there was a jungle view and the majestic animal was brought in for the event. Knowing that King of the Jungle is a Wild Animal and it is not suppose to be at any event for any kind of entertainment then howcome they got him there? The most surprising thing was that the people/guests were allowed to get pictured with the Lion as he was sedated and didn’t know what was he doing there. I pity these animals because they are forced to entertain Humans whether they feel good or bad, they have to be the ones to cheer the Humans and this feeling disgusts me completely. It is time that we should boycott such inhumane behavior and act wisely towards Animals life, because we cannot be the ones to decide how to treat the innocent souls.

Lavish weddings are fine but using Animals as the source of entertainment is so digusting! Period.

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