Advice From The Experts

Hello everyone, hoping all of you are in the best of health and keeping yourself safe and taking extra precautions during Omicron as the cases are on the rise just after the holiday season.

As from the title you can easily think what this article is going to be about. Yes, we are introducing a Panel of The Experts, where you would be able to get all the answers regarding your immediate pet queries, ofcourse keep in mind that these queries won’t be about suggesting medications or treatment, the discussions on this panel will be exclusive about Parenting Pets. We want new Pet Parents to ask us questions without any hesitations and stay updated on the health care corner as it would be a necessary step for all the new pet owners.

This is just a thought for making it easier because I know how difficult it was when I had my first Dog Sandy, and how my family dealt with so much care, without any proper knowledge as even the Vets weren’t that easily available or known and I am referring to back 2 decades!

So, I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Looking forward to hear out from you guys! Thanks

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