TNVR: How Does It Works?

TNVR is Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release process, which is advised and implemented all over the globe to reduce the population of the Street Animals as it is better for the health of the Mother and as well as the society. We all know that these poor animals just don’t up on the street by themselves, as there is someone behind this heinous act that they abandon their fur babies and hence without treatment, they end up having litters and the population is increased which gets noticed by the people and eventually the fur babies are the ones who are to be blamed though they are just trying to survive on the street on their own.

Therefore, this process is being once again conducted in the Metropolis to avoid any more incidents of dog bite cases as well as hit and run cases. All you need to do is:

1- If you have adopted a certain amount of Dogs in your area then get them spayed, vaccinated and treated so that the people don’t call the authorities to poison the animals;

2- If you have pets at home, ofcourse it is cute to have litters of either cat or dog, but think about it, what would you do with the litter as the babies that are born are to be given to someone after the age of 2.5 month as the Mother lets them explore the world, she doesn’t keeps them with her, what would you do? start selling or giving away which would eventually turn out to be one of the horror story for you to find out;

3- It may sound a bit out of universe that we are telling you to neuter the pets, but actually we want you to have just one litter and then get your pet spayed why? because this way, they would live a healthier lifestyle and won’t develop any future disease or illness;

4- There are already so many animals at the street and it is already getting very difficult for us to take care of them, increasing population won’t help except for causing more heart breaks for the Animal Activists as we know what is the brutality that goes around when these poor babies on the street die of painful death of Poisoning.

It’s a request, please make this society better and act sanely to get your Street pets treated. Their health and life matters the most because they live without a Human Parent to keep and eye on them, they don’t have any Human parent to take care of them as well, so if you have adopted one then do your righteous duty, help him survive and life peacefully. Once, they get treated no one would be able to complain about their existence because we are still educating people about how a Dog reacts if a Human has previously tortured him. Ofcourse, the trauma the animal went through cannot tell through words, all you need to feel is the fear in their Bark!

I hope this message reaches out to a lot of people and I hope together we can and we will make this society a better place to live where Humans can accept the fact of Animals co-existing the land.

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