Saturday Post: Nutty And His Cocoon Bed

It is that time of the year where the weather changes drastically specially at the Asia’s pacific, the temperature fluctuates and makes it really unpredictable to determine that what type of weather it would be during the day and night. Similarly, even the Animals specially street animals they feel the harsh weather and for them how unfortunate it is that they don’t even get a safe place to sleep. They wander the whole day for the sake of a piece of bread and then at night they hunt for a safe place to atleast rest so they can gather the energy to begin their hunt again the next day.

These Cats which I have given shelter in my house, are the ones who often come to have food or sleep in one of the houses available when vacant. I have placed two houses at each corner of the house, so it is accessible for the Cats to seek shelter and sleep well. This way, they getaway with the drop of the weather, the breeze is cold at night hence makes the whole weather quite chill.

Ever since this house is sent to me by Bow Point Accessories, I had kept it safe with me so that I could take it out in winters for my Cat Nutty. Nutty is the youngest of all the cats, as he is a year old only and very much like a human baby. He is the one who usually gets beaten up by Snowy, so he rushes inside the house so I can save him. The above shared picture is of last night, where he can be spotted sleeping peacefully. Yes, at first, he began to sniff the house, beat it from all the sides and later with a big meow, I spot him inside the cocoon bed. That was so cute!

Yes-he was purring too much which I have managed to capture it as well.

Cats are cute and hence all animals, it depends on the person how they take care of the Animals and feel for them as well.

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