Live And Let Live

Every day is a challenge for me! With each passing second, there is a news feed running on the screen of my phone regarding the happenings around the globe. Just when I get happy, the next moment a sad news update pops up my screen.

Why people don’t realize that Animals are a blessing for our society. We need to take care of them just the way we care for our own children. If we have opt for keeping a pet then it means, we have agreed to take care of the pet till the end of time. Weather is changing, we don’t realize that animals also feel cold and hot. They also fell ill, they also have emotional breakdowns. Above all, they have a heart! A heart that purely beats for the one who takes care and showers them with love and affection. Ever wondered why it is easy to lure a dog with food? Not because you’re giving something to eat but because, it is the soothing voice of the Human that is basically the source of motivation to make that dog eat food. They understand our mood swings, tone frequencies, our actions and everything. We often take them for granted and often think they they won’t understand anything. So what if they don’t have words or talk like us- they have expressions and they express well.

These expressions can only be understood and felt by the person who loves animals. Every animal on this land has expression and Lord has given the right even to the Animals, to defend themselves from predator and those who try to hurt them. Humans are a form of evil. Yes! Don’t be shaken by my word but I actually feel it. It is because, we just buy and sell animals, smuggle wildlife animals to different countries without realizing the trauma being caused on the poor soul.

Before I end, I would only like to plead that please-take care of your pets. They are not to be played and left alone at the end of the day!

Domestic Pets Left Behind By Their Owners During Hurricane Florence

We all know that recently the Hurricane Florence has been a disaster in most of the Carolinas and has reached a death toll of 43. It is often said that one should always save himself first then save the others but for a second- one thinks what will happen if something worse happens? There have been some heart wrenching footage where we can see houses being drowned in the flood, people sitting on their roof top waiting for rescue teams, pets being spotted in the water nearly in drowning conditions.

It is a very tough and a heart breaking moment to make some sudden decisions including your family and pets. I won’t accuse anyone or either blame people, as it is what one could do at that time. I also believe in the fact that to make such hard decisions is not easy and at the same time, we also come across some people who have left their pets behind to survive on their own. A recent footage that I came across, showed six dogs left in flooded cage. And at the right time, some people came forward to rescue those dogs from the cage. Where as, there have been pets being abandoned in their house, and have been spotted at the counter of the kitchen in the house. Pets are not to be abandoned or to be left alone. They cannot survive on their own once they are a domestic pet- we all should be very careful with the fact that to send a pet in the shelter is not a good idea because even the shelters have homeless dogs and are needing a home, if they are not able to find a good home then they are shifted to Kill Shelter. In either case, please do make some wise decisions before counting your pet as a family.

It is easy to bring a pet home- but to nurture him is a responsibility. Either take a pet and take care of him until his last breath or don’t try to make an effort on bringing a pet home for just a show-off in your circle. The reason of writing this piece is to mark a difference in your thought process, to make you all understand that what a Pet really means. Please be very careful with your fur babies and take them along with you wherever you go, don’t leave them behind, they can’t survive in water just like you, they need food just like you, they need fresh air just like you- don’t forget they need you like you need your family!

I am thankful to PETA for coming forward and lending a hand to these pets, and a big thank you to all those who actually went out of their comfort zone in order to save another pet for someone else. Bless you all!

Pawfect Weather For Paw Friends


*Sigh* what a beautiful weather for the paw friends. In the recent years, there has been drastic changes in the weather which has been effecting humans as well as animals from all walks of life. Being situated in the Central Asia- the weather is more likely to be sunny, with fluctuations of sudden changes in the temperature which leads to abrupt seasonal health issues.

It is therefore requested to all the people out there to keep an eye on your pets as the weather tends to fluctuate more often. It is often asked by couple of people that how does global warming affect our well being. This is the most of the common queries that we tend to receive, but eventually we are able to communicate well to people how to treat themselves and their pets at the given circumstances. Take a look below:

1- Check their paws: the paws are the soft tissues which by sudden heat might tear open, if the dog is kept out in the sun on the concrete. Make sure the place where your pet stays, is kept cool and is not on a hard flooring.

2- Panting: when your pet is hyper and active, running around they often out of excitement pant, but when it’s extreme hot on a sunny day, if the dog is kept outside under the open sky, then that panting is a sign of heat stroke.

3. Wet Nose: the wellness of a cat and dog is often considered by a wet nose. But if they are kept in isolation it is not considered the same.

4. Meals: during summer keep your pet well hydrated. It is necessary to keep the place cool and the water to be kept and changed within every 3 hours in a day.

The situation of each pet can be varied. It is not necessary that all the pets have the same health issues, so it is a vital factor that every pet owner should be very careful before giving treatment by themselves because the health of the pet is far more important than just making wild guesses and performing on the pet.

Party Week Is Over!

Good morning people!

Hoping everybody had a brilliant week. First of all a big thank you to those who got in touch with me personally. I am so overwhelmed with the feeling that my followers look forward to my posts. Thank you everyone! ☺️

Before I begin with my regular postings, I would like to mention that- I am not going to entertain any inappropriate comments on any of my posts regardless if you like or dislike. The fact is creating awareness and it is time that we should step a little ahead, be stronger and face the struggle and hardship together rather than pointing on others or passing on hate comments.

My writing represents the inner voice of every animal out there. I witness their pain, happiness and mixed emotions whether they are in shelters or as a domestic pet- each and every word simply represents the Animals. I am really glad to see a positivity that my writing is bringing between each and every individual and to see them implementing on their daily basis is like mission accomplished.

Thank you everyone for your support and being a part of my cause to create and bring a Change in our Furry Friend’s life.

Stay tuned for more!

Rising Temperature Also Affects Our Pets

Over the years the weather has been badly affecting us and our pets, may it be any month of the year. The point raised here is very important for us to make sure that we are taking all the desired care to maintain the temperature of our pet.

Do you know?

Animals of all kinds also suffer heat strokes or can die from extreme snowfall. Yes! The reason it is being emphasized to bring your dogs inside the house in extreme weather, is because their paws can get sore and torn. The skin of their paws can be peeled by the extreme increasing weather in the summers and can catch heat stroke. In order to avoid the weather treating your pet badly, there are certain steps that you should consider.

To Avoid Heat Stroke:

1. Keep your pet hydrated, fresh water should be kept for your pet at all times;

2. If your dog is hairy, don’t shave his hair, Keep him in a cool and dry place indoors;

3. Maintain a balanced diet thrice a day, A blend of all nutrients should be provided.

4. Your pet can feel heat inside house too. So make sure the place you’ve kept your pet is cool enough;

5. Monitor the health of your pet at all times

Precautions in Winters:

It is widely understood by majority of people that if the pet has hair on his body then they won’t feel any cold as their hair is going to protect them from winter’s wind. But- as a matter of fact, dogs do feel cold when outside in snowfall or even on a cool breezy day and this can freeze them to death.So, please! Always remember that your pet has all the basic health issues as you have. Don’t think that Animals can be safe and be on their own- Once A Pet- Always A Pet!

They do feel cold, they do feel heat, they do feel hurt, they do feel happy. They are family and need their two legged with them forever. Don’t leave them in rising temperature or even in a cool breezy day. Bring them in- always!