The Guarding Pet

It’s the first day of the week with so much to get done with. As usual, before leaving home I said goodbye to my Diesel and Tiger, so that they know that I will be home after couple of hours. (I know- most of the pet parents do talk to their fur babies which people who don’t own pets, can’t relate to but that’s totally okay).

Upon my arrival after sunset, as soon as my car reached at the main gate of the house- I saw a glimpse of “ears” popping up in the sky. Upon keeping my focus on the ears, I suddenly got to see Tiger’s head and there he was spotted sitting in his usual pose.

I couldn’t resist myself to not to click the picture of this little cutie. I am so amazed the way these fur babies turn our tiring day into a happy day, where we forget everything right after they greet us. It is just simply beautiful. The feeling of being loved unconditionally and letting us know that what we mean to them- this feeling is just inexpressible.

It is usually considered for a dog guarding us from any unforeseen incidents but after having cat, I believe I have to admit that they too guard their humans. Before, I had a different opinion but now, my perceptions and assumptions have totally changed and you bet, it is for good! I always say and I have to admit that yes- cats do make a difference in our lives and they are no less than a dog.

-By the way, my Tiger loves to eat Dog Food🤣-

Calling To The Master

It is GOD who has created every little living being on this planet to serve Humans- may that be insects, plants and animals, as the verse quotes:

“It was HE who created all that is on the earth for you, then turned to the sky and made the seven heavens; it is HE who has knowledge of all things.” (Qur’an 2:29)

It was just today evening, that I was on a routine scroll in the garden where I saw Tiger looking up above the sky and “meowing”- as per my gaze, it was pitch dark with just the street lights on and all I could see was the huge blue sky up above. The sight was so mesmerizing that for few seconds I was lost in the beauty of our mother nature. We are moving in a very high pace that we often tend to forget the blessings that we are blessed with- each and every day. It is about even the tiniest thing that we can think of before going to bed. The moment made me think plenty of aspects of life, until Tiger “meowed” in another tone with a different frequency in his pitch, still staring at the blue sky. That very moment I realized that probably it is the conversation that he is making with his Master. The beautiful thing that I noticed was either he was making a prayer or may be trying to ask the purpose of his life in my house.

We all know that, every living thing on this planet actually makes a prayer. We all have to return one day and we all have to leave every luxurious things in life and go back to our Master empty handed. It is time that we all should start realizing the main purpose of our life and time.

Time keeps ticking- all we need to do is, to make our focus straight, count our blessings and be thankful for every little thing in our life.

Tiger The Kitty Obsessed with Dog Food!

I really mean the word “Obsessed” because that’s so true if I say that my kitty is pretty possessive and obsessive at the same time for the dog food. You can spot him hugging the bag, hovering around and licking it throughout the day! Gimme a break- I hope my cat doesn’t intends to show sign of dog’s attributes.

My Tiger has gone off limits protecting his so-called dog food if I go near it. Knowing that I am the whole soul person to be feeding him and my baby diesel but he get’s so over possessive that he starts ‘meowing’ as if trying to ask that what am I doing with the food. He literally follows me from room to room to see what is in my hand and if my hand has a bowl of dog food then that needs a good “sniffing” by the little kitty- who is not so little anymore☺️

How many of you can relate to this kind of Cat’s behavior to their dog friends? I am seeking for some interesting feedbacks. Hit me back and let me know!

Cats V/s Dogs Behavior

It is often considered that animals are speechless, but to my consideration they are very well verse with the communication medium they use. Who said that they can’t understand human language or actions that we opt to communicate to them. It is a known fact that animals tend to grasp the medium and understand the language despite of language barriers☺️I often praise the mother nature when I see the communication between two beings.

My house is basically dominated by dogs until one day I had rescued a kitty. My dog is very aggressive and possessive about his territory and owner. He cannot afford an intrusion of any other animal in the house. Yes! It does gets big trouble for us because I cannot see any animal being hurt either by humans or by their own neighborhood enemies. But, Like it’s said we cannot really remain at ease when cats and dogs are together under one roof. The image I shared above is a complete statement of how my dog feels about the cat being in the house and moving freely. But I can’t also let the cat wander out on the street as there are many predators out to kill the kitty.

They always keep me amused by their cute frolics☺️

Share your crazy moments with us.

Life At A PetStore

  • What a life we have! Ever wondered the same reaction could be from your pet? Yeah, why not? What they think, what they want?- by only being a pet parent, can understand all these aspects.
  • I was a human until I had a pet. My pets brought out the best in me and it wouldn’t be a lie if I made such an statement. Staunchly standing against animal abuse and cruelty, raising the voice for animal rights in the best way I can- delivering my thought process and reaching out on a bigger platform to bring a change in human’s behavior for animals. This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have pets at home. What we learn as a kid, what we are taught and what we see- a child always adapts it from their home. One of the reason it is said to raise your children wisely and teach them about the good and bad in life. Some of us often have to travel for work or go on vacations and are going crazy to find a good pet-sitter. We think about the nearest people who we can trust our pets with but ultimately end up at a PetStore. We put in all our faith and trust in that specific PetStore, ignoring the fact that our pet might not be comfortable in that peculiar place. There are some people who would go an extra mile to figure out the best option and that would be (skip Vacationing) or call someone from family to look after the pet at home. But not all of us have the support always, so we end up going to a groomer or a PetStore and make our pet stay there till we are back or till we find a good option.
  • It is heart wrenching to share such a fact- that most of the concerns that have reached me included the ill-treatment of their pets at the pet store. This time it is about PetSmart- a massive Pets mart where all the facilities are given to the pets and their parents. One of the most popular outlet, but, recently I have encountered some heart breaking stories of Pet Parents- sharing their two bits about how their pet was treated. Well- it is not one sided story, everything has it’s two sides and one cannot also runaway from the reality and/or face the brutality. I just hope all the Pet-parents take extra care for their pets as we cannot trust an outside with our four legged.
  • Pet is a pet and will remain a pet till the end of time.