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All Animals Deserve To Live

He said “There are many cats on the street disturbing and intruding our place, why doesn’t anyone takes them or kill them. They are just a value added in the living space in our area. What’s their purpose, anyway!”


I overheard this conversation of an old man talking to a pedestrian while I was crossing a grocery store. Though I would have answered the old man but I chose not to. The only reason which made me not to answer back was, the perception and the ideology that we as a society live in. It is pretty astonishing to see people mistreating animals and the way they regard them as a living being. To most of them, the purpose of the animal is nothing except a living thing which can be treated as an entertainment or amusement for them or their children.Weird! I feel disgusted when I hear people passing comments on animals with hatred. There are people like me, who care for animals and would go an extra mile to help an animal in pain. This is a form of Humanity, which is hardly observed within people and those who abide are often called as ‘Dumb’. Animals are pretty innocent and ask for nothing except of Kindness, love and family who would care for them for the rest of their lives. They shouldn’t be hit, traumatized, or abandoned just because of their breed or age. Age is a fact, a fact which we also deal with. It is the same feeling as we feel when our children leave us at the Old Age Home just because, they are tired of us, have no time for us or are fed up of our grumblings. We are no different than any poor, heartless being because we are also selfish and selfish for love and affection. We get affected who shows love to us.

They said, feed a dog for 3 days, he shall remember you for 3 years. Feed a human for 3 days, he shall forget you in 3 minutes!

Think about it! Nobody likes to be abandoned, animals have feelings and they get hurt. They cry and shout for their loved ones, when left behind! Please don’t abandon your pets for any reason, You are their family and let them live them with you! They would die without you and wouldn’t trust any other Human just because their Humans left them at the Shelter House to die!

Why To Buy The Animals From The Breeder, While The Animals At The Shelter Are Left To Die!

German Shepherd, Alsatian, Golden Retriever, Labradors, Cane Corso, African Boerboel and many other breeds are found at the Shelter Homes. Have you wondered why the Shelter Homes have started to increase in number? It is only because, we have started to become choosy and limited with the understanding of the fact that the pets are love! No matter whatever breed they are, all the need and give is pure bond of friendship and love.

I feel so sad that in my Country, many people only have specific breeds so that they can show-off and brag about it in front of their friends and relatives. I mean what! they are not a show piece, they are living being and it doesn’t really matter whichever breed they have- at the end of the day, it’s an animal with the same characteristics. Why to keep high maintenance dogs while you can easily get a pet from a Shelter. It is so devastating to see that people leave their pets at the Shelters because either they are moving out of city/country, getting married or illness. My question to them is “Why did they even bother to adopt a pet when they knew, they won’t be able to move along with their pets in the long run?” I have witnessed the emotions and feelings of an abandoned pet. Their eyes speaks more than words.. they feel so heart broken that their owner abandoned them all of a sudden. Majority of the pets are unable to come out of their miseries and the sadness in their lives that was given to them by their so-called owners.

My request to all of you is, please don’t go for breeders. There are beautiful animals at the Shelters, adopt them instead. They are equally loving and caring and all they demand is love and care.

Shelter Homes are filled with animals. Adopts them instead of buying breeds. They are equally loving and caring just like any other specific breed

Decide For Yourself!

Stop Animal Abuse!

Using horses for entertainment, traveling or even carriages, itself is an abuse. They feel hot, tired, sick, thirsty and hungry by taking you out under any weather just so that you reach to your destination. Ever wondered about them? Tourists need to understand that these Horses are dealt with cruelty and abuse. They’ve been hit, starved for days so that they perform well and their caretakers can earn more money.

Just look at this poor baby, don’t you feel the pain that he is going through. Look at his eyes, tongue sticking out, look at the metal piece in his mouth? That’s all a painful task!

Everyone should take a stance of not using any sort of animal as a carriage or even as a source of an entertainment. They are brought into this world for beautifying our nature not for picking up heavy people’s weight! We complain if we are given to work over time, how can these animals complain? We shout when in anger- what about these poor souls, who cannot even act annoyed because they know that they will be hit with a whip😔

Caretakers- Just for the sake of earning money they mistreat their own breadwinner, whereas the tourists, it is their source of entertainment, they make that poor animal suffer without realizing how will he be treated- if they didn’t perform well.

Think before it’s too late

“Mind Your Own Business”

This is what happens when you wish to speak up for someone’s rights and in return you get a reply “mind your own business”. Yeah! This is a pretty rude reply from one of the person who read my blog and utterly came up with such an abrupt response!

This is my business! To speak up for the rights of the animals in any way that I can!

The major issue with people is that they don’t wish to bring up a topic which they may not like discussing and/or think, that what change can it bring in our society. A little effort is what it counts, and if we cannot bring a change within ourselves then we should stop complaining about anything that concerns us as a nation. As a blogger it is my right to raise my voice against what I don’t feel right about certain thing, it is not essential to be in the same crowd who think alike or have the same- mind set.

All I want is a better place for the animals to live. The concern and focus should be on the betterment of our animals, no matter where ever they may be. We should think about it before commenting or bashing someone without knowing the basic foundation of a certain concern. Yes! I am stating about the concerns that I have regarding labeling an animal as a ‘Domestic Pet’ or ‘Show-off’.

*People think twice*