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There have been various books about what Dogs can eat and not. One of things which most people forget is that not all vegetables are good enough for dogs because either they can be dangerous or toxic and I am sure, if you really need to know what exactly your dog can eat then you should continue reading.

I remember people told me that Dogs can eat anything and everything as it doesn’t really matters, they stay healthy anyways. With time and experience I realized that all the that time when I was growing, I was told wrong, I was not well informed and the ones who use to guide me were actually guiding me wrong. When I found out myself that peanut butter is not good for them where as I was told that Dogs love peanut butter and can eat as much as they like, unfortunately that’s not true! We cannot PLAY with our dogs life by being negligent towards what they consume on daily basis. Hence, I now will share what exactly has been cooking up in my mind since the time I had a long discussion about my pet’s health with my Vet.

Basically, just click on this video and you shall know what I am referring to. This is the best way for you all to find it out about what’s good and bad for your dog’s health.

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An Eye Opening Factor

Animals are not source of entertainment. They belong to their own habitat and once they are out of their comfort zone they tend to lose their health, appetite and the will power to live life in captivity. Obviously who would want to live in a captivity! One should always think in the same way similarly as they are treated as pets.

Animals don’t deserve to live in Zoos to entertain Humans, neither beautiful majestic Orcas deserve to perform at Sea World for what they are not meant for. These artificial caged enclosure is not enough space for the wild animals to survive. This is specially for those species who roam in larger distances in their natural habitat. According to the sources, Lions and Tigers have 18000 times less space in the zoos than they have in the wild. Let alone Polar bears have one million times less space as compared to their own habitat. In such artificial habitat, majority of the animals suffer from behavioral problems, that is because of the less space given to them. How devastating it is to see that these beautiful animals die prematurely, majestic animals like Elephants live in the wild three times more than those in the zoos. 40% of the lion cubs die before they are one month of age, 30% of cubs die before they are six months old and the reason behind these deaths are the lack of predation. In the wild, they hunt for themselves which is another form of their physical activity unlike in the zoos. One of the majored reason of anxiety and behavior problem. Circus, Zoo and SeaWorld are all the something, they provide unnatural habitat, a place where the poor animals are trained horrifically, tortured till they learn the specific tricks, even the beautiful beast (Tiger) if they are unable to perform a specific trick they start having seizures and yet they are hit by hard iron rod, none the less, even the beautiful Orcas are taken away from their families, kept in a captivity, starved till they learn the tricks, given a limited amount of tank where they keep roaming around with other orcas in depression.

Captivity is unhealthy even for Humans, no wonder we tend to seek diversions in any way possible. But, what about the poor animals, who cannot speak up for their rights, who cannot raise their voice what they want and neither can they complain about the space they are living!

How ironic and yet we complain about ourselves and our lives!

Show Kindness To Those Who Can Give Nothing In Return

Every religion teaches us moral values, respect for elders and children, appreciating and letting go who did bad or hurt feelings. There is no religion which doesn’t teaches ‘Kindness’. It is a least act of being kind to anyone from elders to youngsters, from poor to rich and from humans to animals.

It is the feeling from deep inside, the inner voice from our heart that screams from within to awaken our soul to speak up for the needy, for the one in need. The positive approach towards the one in need, is called Kindness. Those who understand this word, have gained the higher position in the life after death and in this world. It is far more better to be recognized as the Savior of self-esteem rather than to be known as the person who did nothing throughout his life.

Sometimes, children make us learn the reality and the bitter truth which we often forget or have forgotten. In the wild chase of life, we have moved on the monetary benefit so much that we have forgotten the real meaning of Humanity, Kindness. It is the least act that we can show towards those who need.

We never know while saving a life of an animal we might save a whole nation from bad spell!

Action speaks louder than words. Let’s join hands and work together as one to make this world a better place for Humans and all the living beings on this planet!

The Rising Temperature

The temperature is the major cause for the fluctuating attributes in the animals. Therefore, it is a must act to keep a check on your pets at all times. Being situated in the South Asia, in the Country Pakistan where the sudden changes in the weather has caused health issues to humans and animals at the same time.

It is very much pressurized to the pet parents that, no matter whichever or however the situation is, always keep a certain check on your pet in order to provide first aid immediately. If you think, you are not aware enough to take care of your pet at that specific time, then please consult a Vet before opting any self approach. There are certain aspects which are needed to be considered under such circumstances:

1- Always keep your pet hydrated, let it be under the shade and a cool area, if it is pretty sunny and temperature is hot;

2- Your pet also has mood swings, unlike us we have the ability to talk and they have the ability to talk through their gestures- don’t avoid them;

3- If you think that your pet is not responding while you’re calling out to him- it should “ring a bell” to you;

4- There are certain period of time- where the weather immediately switches from cold breeze to warm breeze, make sure your pet is not being affected by the temperature;

5- If your pet acts as lethargic, take his temperature (if you are not able to reach to Vet);

6- Be responsive and vigilant towards your pet at the time of their ill-ness as, the situation flips within time.

This is often considered to be true that, no matter how much we share our piece of information, it all boils down to actual scenario. As being the owner of beautiful breeds of dogs, I have faced various challenges and been through a lot of experiences of Vets, Ill-ness, Immediate help, first- aid, etc and etc. So, all I would end up with is, do the best that you can to save your pet.

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