Hi! My Name Is Diesel

A bit surprised to have me around here? Oh human! Actually my master forgot to introduce me to her blog, but as a matter of fact she cannot forget about me🤣you know how it goes. Well, so let me begin- my name is Diesel (yeah, that’s right.. she named me when I was a little puppy who use to make her run around the whole front yard and you know what- she couldn’t get a hold of me🤣) anyways, I am 8 years old, a cross of Mastiff and African Boerbull. Yup that’s me.

I came in her life when I was 3.5month old naughty puppy who use to bother her a lot, by always getting out of my playpen, pissing and pooping around and then making those noises (yeah, it happens- I was just a puppy). I was beginning to learn the tricks that she taught me. I agree- that I gave her a hard time but with each passing day we both started to share a great bonding of trust, love and affection. That’s us-me and my pawfect human.

The fact of having a loved one around who really understands you, is just an amazing feeling. I feel so lucky to have such a human in my life. (Yeah, at times it does bother me since she has other dogs around too and now a cat but it’s all good when my master is with me and I sniff no one from her).

Share your human stories here, we would love to hear it from you all.

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