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  • Poultry And Pets Care Hospital

    Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well and are in the best of health. I am very excited to announce that Dr. Asim Khan who is from Mardan, has now opened up his Poultry and Pets Care Hospital, which has all the basic needs of your animals, whether it’s thorough checkup, surgery, laboratory […]

  • Sunday Post: You Never Know Who Needs Your Help

    There is always a time for being kind, and being kind needs nothing more than a heart and a good gesture of lending a helping hand. Always remember that the good you do to others, the good would always happen to you. This is how universe works. Follow us on FaceBook Group License By Creative […]

  • Saturday Post: Paw Is All You Need

    Paw is always you can trust on and rely on, this is something you would always agree whether you have had pets or still have them. Follow us on FaceBook Group License By Creative Commons

  • Ear Infection In Pets

    With the passage of time, just like the increase in population, the illness has taken different forms. We at times are unable to or are unaware of identifying the problems which intend to occur in our dear friends. Ear infection occurs in pets and are to be treated on time before they take any other […]

  • Show Kindness To Those Who Can Give Nothing In Return

    Every religion teaches us moral values, respect for elders and children, appreciating and letting go who did bad or hurt feelings. There is no religion which doesn’t teaches ‘Kindness’. It is a least act of being kind to anyone from elders to youngsters, from poor to rich and from humans to animals. It is the […]