Euthanasia: The Last Resort

He said: “We cannot carry him through this process, it’s causing us difficulty in treating him, it’s better that we put him down to sleep”.

As a regular visit to my dog’s Vet, I came across a lady who had approached me in a shocking way and without sharing the history of her dog, she began asking me about, if putting her pet down to sleep was a good idea! It just struck me that how could she just decide to euthanize her dog? So many questions arose in my mind in just those few seconds. Before I could jump on the conclusion, I paused for a while and then approached her again, as she had rushed inside the treatment room and stood by her dog’s side. I sat outside in the waiting area and waited for her arrival. After couple of minutes, I saw the lady and her husband carrying a beautiful Russian Samoyed in his arm and walking towards another room. As I had my dog with me, I took my dog in the car and came back to the Hospital to the couple to have a word with them.

I don’t know why I felt that something is not happening right with the puppy. I saw the beautiful dog’s eyes, I knew he was in pain and was crying from the inside but the poor puppy didn’t have the energy to move and shout even. He just kept lying on the bed. I went by his side and found out that his name is ‘Bonzo’, I called out his name, I could see his eyes rolling towards me but he couldn’t move. The couple was adamant of euthanizing him by all means but the doctor was a bit hesitant as he wanted to try his best to keep the puppy on treatment and then to analyze whether his health is improving or not. I spoke to the couple and found out that, their first opinion by a famous Lady Vet had analyzed the puppy and pronounced him to ‘put down to sleep’ as the treatment would be just a pain and no results would show. After listening to their point of view and also what the current doctor was suggesting, I kept on pushing them to go for the treatment. (It’s easy to comment on others but it’s important to be in their shoes first then analyze their point of view). The hospital that I am talking about is one of the best saviors of animals. The doctor didn’t agree and suggested to get him on IV, and start his treatment then later the process shall be discussed. The couple finally agreed and left the hospital as the doctor and his team took care of Bonzo, as they want him to be a fighter and not looser!

Euthanizing is not the last resort and most of us know how the pet parents feel about it. I have been there and felt it, it wasn’t easy but I knew that we as a family, fought the battle of our ‘Blackie’ till her last breath and we knew that she won’t make it through. In our heart we don’t regret that we had to put her down to sleep as we knew, her time was up. She was alive because we kept her alive-but internally, she lost her eye-sight, she got weak and had lived for 12years. Her health deteriorated day by day and she started having seizures! One of the horrible sight that I pray none of the pet owners face.

We all love our pets! One of the reason, we should always go an extra mile to keep our furry friend safe.

Do You Know How To Communicate With Your Pet?

This is one of the mysterious question that I am often asked by number of people I meet. May it be a dinner or a casual get together of a bunch of friends. At times- I really feel dumb answering the question, but do you know why?

The reason is, only those people would be able to understand who have had pets and know every attribute of communicating with them. I am often labeled as a Animal Whisperer’ and I really love it, the feeling of actually knowing the animal’s emotions and sentiments and then grasping it in our words is the real connection that I share with the animal. It is very amusing that even the animals have their tantrums, their attitudes and frolics just like humans do. They also feel happy, sad, emotional like us and they also feel pain, hurt just like we humans do. I would like to share a cute incident that I faced just recently. As you all know that I have rescued a cat and I have been taking care of him by all means. So it’s just about a day ago that, there are these another stray cats who have been wandering around and visiting my place for a nap and in search of my Cat to beat him up. One day- this another cat was in the garden and as usual I was out in the garden for a stroll. My rescued Cat saw me calling the other cat, the reason I was calling the other cat was to make him run away so that my cat can stay outside for a while and play around. But, who knew that in order to make that cat run away, my cat Tiger actually ignored me through out! How did I make out? Usually when I call my cat’s name- he comes running and answering me as if telling that ‘I am coming’. He literally ignored me that day- he didn’t come to me, usually he does, infact he loves to lie on my feet wherever I am and follows me like everywhere! He was so pissed off at me that it showed on his face.

That day I realized, no matter what happens, I am going to make sure that my cat feels the affection and care when in-front of other cats or pets. But, the thing is my cat Tiger is way too jealous of my dog Diesel. What to do about that?

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Domestic Pets Left Behind By Their Owners During Hurricane Florence

We all know that recently the Hurricane Florence has been a disaster in most of the Carolinas and has reached a death toll of 43. It is often said that one should always save himself first then save the others but for a second- one thinks what will happen if something worse happens? There have been some heart wrenching footage where we can see houses being drowned in the flood, people sitting on their roof top waiting for rescue teams, pets being spotted in the water nearly in drowning conditions.

It is a very tough and a heart breaking moment to make some sudden decisions including your family and pets. I won’t accuse anyone or either blame people, as it is what one could do at that time. I also believe in the fact that to make such hard decisions is not easy and at the same time, we also come across some people who have left their pets behind to survive on their own. A recent footage that I came across, showed six dogs left in flooded cage. And at the right time, some people came forward to rescue those dogs from the cage. Where as, there have been pets being abandoned in their house, and have been spotted at the counter of the kitchen in the house. Pets are not to be abandoned or to be left alone. They cannot survive on their own once they are a domestic pet- we all should be very careful with the fact that to send a pet in the shelter is not a good idea because even the shelters have homeless dogs and are needing a home, if they are not able to find a good home then they are shifted to Kill Shelter. In either case, please do make some wise decisions before counting your pet as a family.

It is easy to bring a pet home- but to nurture him is a responsibility. Either take a pet and take care of him until his last breath or don’t try to make an effort on bringing a pet home for just a show-off in your circle. The reason of writing this piece is to mark a difference in your thought process, to make you all understand that what a Pet really means. Please be very careful with your fur babies and take them along with you wherever you go, don’t leave them behind, they can’t survive in water just like you, they need food just like you, they need fresh air just like you- don’t forget they need you like you need your family!

I am thankful to PETA for coming forward and lending a hand to these pets, and a big thank you to all those who actually went out of their comfort zone in order to save another pet for someone else. Bless you all!

Tiger The Kitty Obsessed with Dog Food!

I really mean the word “Obsessed” because that’s so true if I say that my kitty is pretty possessive and obsessive at the same time for the dog food. You can spot him hugging the bag, hovering around and licking it throughout the day! Gimme a break- I hope my cat doesn’t intends to show sign of dog’s attributes.

My Tiger has gone off limits protecting his so-called dog food if I go near it. Knowing that I am the whole soul person to be feeding him and my baby diesel but he get’s so over possessive that he starts ‘meowing’ as if trying to ask that what am I doing with the food. He literally follows me from room to room to see what is in my hand and if my hand has a bowl of dog food then that needs a good “sniffing” by the little kitty- who is not so little anymore☺️

How many of you can relate to this kind of Cat’s behavior to their dog friends? I am seeking for some interesting feedbacks. Hit me back and let me know!

Cats V/s Dogs Behavior

It is often considered that animals are speechless, but to my consideration they are very well verse with the communication medium they use. Who said that they can’t understand human language or actions that we opt to communicate to them. It is a known fact that animals tend to grasp the medium and understand the language despite of language barriers☺️I often praise the mother nature when I see the communication between two beings.

My house is basically dominated by dogs until one day I had rescued a kitty. My dog is very aggressive and possessive about his territory and owner. He cannot afford an intrusion of any other animal in the house. Yes! It does gets big trouble for us because I cannot see any animal being hurt either by humans or by their own neighborhood enemies. But, Like it’s said we cannot really remain at ease when cats and dogs are together under one roof. The image I shared above is a complete statement of how my dog feels about the cat being in the house and moving freely. But I can’t also let the cat wander out on the street as there are many predators out to kill the kitty.

They always keep me amused by their cute frolics☺️

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