Dog Culling On The Rise

There isn’t any single day when I don’t wake up to the news of Dog Culling, there are multiple people sharing disturbing videos, images where it can be seen how the animals specially dogs were poisoned and how they were killed.

My question to you all is in the video below, watch here.

Why are we so selfish? How can we determine which dog is sick? If one dog is killed, we just don’t get all the dogs killed in that area just because one of the poor dog had rabid. If these animals are getting diseases it means, the authority is lacking. Why the street animals are not vaccinated? why they are not working closely together with those organizations who are providing TNVR process? This is something not very clear, we are just doing what pleases us because this is our thought of peace of mind and which is totally inhumane.

Just think for once, what are we teaching our children, are we teaching them to be a murderer by killing innocent animals who wag their tails for the humans who approaches them with food, as these animals don’t know that it has poison in it. Poor animals. The images are so disturbing that it didn’t let me sleep for nights, how can I share it with you guys. It is beyond words that I can express, I am totally lost with hope from people who would not approach us for help, but infact, would poison those animals just because they are barking.

Remember, you would be held responsible for every little pain that you caused another living being.

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