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  • Poultry And Pets Care Hospital

    Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well and are in the best of health. I am very excited to announce that Dr. Asim Khan who is from Mardan, has now opened up his Poultry and Pets Care Hospital, which has all the basic needs of your animals, whether it’s thorough checkup, surgery, laboratory […]

  • Sunday Post: You Never Know Who Needs Your Help

    There is always a time for being kind, and being kind needs nothing more than a heart and a good gesture of lending a helping hand. Always remember that the good you do to others, the good would always happen to you. This is how universe works. Follow us on FaceBook Group License By Creative […]

  • The Rising Temperature

    The Rising Temperature

    The temperature is the major cause for the fluctuating attributes in the animals. Therefore, it is a must act to keep a check on your pets at all times. Being situated in the South Asia, in the Country Pakistan where the sudden changes in the weather has caused health issues to humans and animals at […]

  • Calling To The Master

    Calling To The Master

    It is GOD who has created every little living being on this planet to serve Humans- may that be insects, plants and animals, as the verse quotes: “It was HE who created all that is on the earth for you, then turned to the sky and made the seven heavens; it is HE who has […]

  • Cats V/s Dogs Behavior

    Cats V/s Dogs Behavior

    It is often considered that animals are speechless, but to my consideration they are very well verse with the communication medium they use. Who said that they can’t understand human language or actions that we opt to communicate to them. It is a known fact that animals tend to grasp the medium and understand the […]