Sunday Post: You Never Know Who Needs Your Help

There is always a time for being kind, and being kind needs nothing more than a heart and a good gesture of lending a helping hand.

Always remember that the good you do to others, the good would always happen to you. This is how universe works.

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Ear Infection In Pets

With the passage of time, just like the increase in population, the illness has taken different forms. We at times are unable to or are unaware of identifying the problems which intend to occur in our dear friends.

Ear infection occurs in pets and are to be treated on time before they take any other horrible form of illness. It is not a sickness as it can be treated but, if treated on time, it will heal and if it doesn’t then it might be life threatening. Otitis externa is commonly known as ear infection and it is a inflammation of the ear canal. It can be caused by parasites, yeast or a bacterial infection. This is basically the top claims for canine and it has turned out to be the highest claim as submitted by the dog owners.

Symptoms of ear infection:

  • Shaking of the pet’s head
  • Reddening or thick and scale skin around the ear
  • Abnormal discharge / bad odor from the ear
  • Ear dropped

Dog parents who believe that their pets have an ear infection should immediately visit the Vet for a thorough physical examination. The Vet then shall after conduction a check-up shall advise the treatment of pet’s Otitis external. You shouldn’t worry as it can be treated by proper cleaning and by following a course of medication through either ear drops, antibiotics, ointments.


No matter if you are not a Vet, but you are a Pet Parent and as a responsible parent you need to be careful what treatment and examination is being conducted by the Vet. You shouldn’t hesitate in asking any questions about any treatment or query that you have for your pet. Always remember, it is you who is close to your pet and only your love an affection with proper medication and care can help your pet to recover from any illness





Do You Know How To Communicate With Your Pet?

This is one of the mysterious question that I am often asked by number of people I meet. May it be a dinner or a casual get together of a bunch of friends. At times- I really feel dumb answering the question, but do you know why?

The reason is, only those people would be able to understand who have had pets and know every attribute of communicating with them. I am often labeled as a Animal Whisperer’ and I really love it, the feeling of actually knowing the animal’s emotions and sentiments and then grasping it in our words is the real connection that I share with the animal. It is very amusing that even the animals have their tantrums, their attitudes and frolics just like humans do. They also feel happy, sad, emotional like us and they also feel pain, hurt just like we humans do. I would like to share a cute incident that I faced just recently. As you all know that I have rescued a cat and I have been taking care of him by all means. So it’s just about a day ago that, there are these another stray cats who have been wandering around and visiting my place for a nap and in search of my Cat to beat him up. One day- this another cat was in the garden and as usual I was out in the garden for a stroll. My rescued Cat saw me calling the other cat, the reason I was calling the other cat was to make him run away so that my cat can stay outside for a while and play around. But, who knew that in order to make that cat run away, my cat Tiger actually ignored me through out! How did I make out? Usually when I call my cat’s name- he comes running and answering me as if telling that ‘I am coming’. He literally ignored me that day- he didn’t come to me, usually he does, infact he loves to lie on my feet wherever I am and follows me like everywhere! He was so pissed off at me that it showed on his face.

That day I realized, no matter what happens, I am going to make sure that my cat feels the affection and care when in-front of other cats or pets. But, the thing is my cat Tiger is way too jealous of my dog Diesel. What to do about that?

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

The Love For The Dog Food

Am I the only person who actually gets amazed by cute little acts of Kitty, or are you one of me too? The thing is- I have tend to fall for cats a lot now and it’s the love that attracts me towards them. Wherever my kitty goes, I am right there with him with my cellphone trying to click pictures of him- which eventually out of 10, I need to delete 8-LOL. Yes, my cat is pretty peculiar about his photos.

It’s been a while now that I have shared with you all about my cat being obsessed with the dog food. Earlier I thought that, my Cat is in a growing age so possibly he is trying to figure out about his likes and dislikes, but now I feel that my Cat just loves to sit beside where the Dog Food’s Bag is kept! During the daytime, my Cat goes out and stays outdoor until evening. He has now learned to stay outdoor during the daytime and at night he comes in to have his peaceful beauty sleep. Cats are very sensitive and loving and being said that, it also means that they demand attention, love and care. May it involve a-lot of belly rubs, cuddling in arms or just simply touching their body on our legs. I am still figuring out about their language- though I know what their actions are stating, their frequency of pitch is at times concerning as they might be having a face off with another cat or might be possible in trouble out under the sky. Cats are cats- they love to tease dogs by sitting on the wall and hanging their tail and the poor dog would not be able to get hold of the Cat despite of him being so annoyed with the fact.

Also, just yesterday I was out with my Tiger in the garden, I noticed that a crow made a very low flight right on top of Tiger’s head! Later I realized that my Cat has been after the birds or anything that moves around in the garden, he simply cannot let the other animals live by themselves! LOL. My cat Tiger has serious issues with his characteristics- I mean yeah, seriously. It does means that Tiger has developed such qualities from my pet Diesel the Dog. What do you people suggest? Is it happening because of the love for his dog food or is it just the behavior that he has adopted from my Dog?

Suggestions needed, peeps!