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  • Calling To The Master

    Calling To The Master

    It is GOD who has created every little living being on this planet to serve Humans- may that be insects, plants and animals, as the verse quotes: “It was HE who created all that is on the earth for you, then turned to the sky and made the seven heavens; it is HE who has…

  • Be Kind To Those Who Can Give Nothing In Return Except True Love

    Be Kind To Those Who Can Give Nothing In Return Except True Love

    What is Love? Is it a feeling or an expression that we state to whoever we tend to find a bond with. We are so occupied in our lives that we don’t tend to see the positivity found even in little things around us. To amuse ourselves, we often go shopping, eat out, hangout with…

  • Leap Of Faith

    Leap Of Faith

    I wasn’t a Cat person until I met Tiger, The Rescued Cat. All my teenage years I have been surrounded with beautiful number of dogs, varying in sizes and breed, never ever thought of having a cat because I always thought Cats don’t respond well like dogs -but I guess, I was wrong. I learned…

  • Tore Apart Deep Inside

    Tore Apart Deep Inside

    Every morning I wake up get done with my routine chores and at last hold on to my phone. As soon as I scroll my social media, I see various shares of inhumane act on a poor animal. As I continue scrolling, the more the stories pops up and the more I began to read-…

  • Kitty And The Attackers

    Kitty And The Attackers

    In my previous post of my Tiger The Rescued Cat. I had described how did I turn into a Cat Person. The reason I am back with the same topic is that my kitty has rivals and those rivalries have increased in numbers and sizes🤣yes, being a stray cat he depends upon his humans to…

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