Tore Apart Deep Inside

Every morning I wake up get done with my routine chores and at last hold on to my phone. As soon as I scroll my social media, I see various shares of inhumane act on a poor animal. As I continue scrolling, the more the stories pops up and the more I began to read- I feel devastated by the word “HUMAN”.

With a heavy heart I am writing this post because I feel that it is time that We should start within ourselves- move away from our comfort zone and basically start DOING IT, bringing change for our animals of the society. Despite of various petitions, blogs, animal rights activists- where are we still standing? I am asking all those people who are reading my blog, Can you answer my question? Yes, I know- majority of the people out of the box would say Humans are the top priority and it is just an animal that the blogger is talking about. Yes! I have come up with numerous comments of people where they just say “Forget Animals, Humans are important”. Can anyone answer my question that “GOD created Humans, Animals and all living beings together. Did HE forgot the rights of an Animal?” No, HE didn’t in-fact he created examples for uneducated humans on earth living in 21st Century that we need to take care of each and every blessing that has been bestowed upon us by our LORD. When HE didn’t harm any animal then HE expects humans to treat his creation with care also!

Every time I keep telling myself that there will be a change in the world of Animals where they will have the right to live freely without someone hunting them down, stoning to death or using for entertainment. I just wish that there will be a day, in which every soul on this planet will be at ease without any pain!

I try not to share sad stories but this is life. Life is all about a roller coaster- there are ups and downs and only way to keep yourself going is by doing good to people around you and the ones depended upon you- Your Pets!

I urge all the people to raise voice against any sort of animal abuse or cruelty. If you see or know anyone in your circle or your neighborhood hurts or abuses an animal- report immediately! You never know how much blessings you shall be given in return in order to save one animal.

Kitty And The Attackers

In my previous post of my Tiger The Rescued Cat. I had described how did I turn into a Cat Person. The reason I am back with the same topic is that my kitty has rivals and those rivalries have increased in numbers and sizes🤣yes, being a stray cat he depends upon his humans to protect him at all times and from all the miseries he tends to go through.

One of his rival that you can spot in the video, who has actually made my kitty’s life miserable. Though Tiger stays indoor but does wishes to go out and play, do his thing, enjoy the breeze-which he cannot until his human friend is with him. The point of sharing with you all is-no matter whatever the situation is, your furry friends are actually counting on you. Ever wondered why? Because they know, no matter what odds it might be, his human friend will be there at all times to be his defender. My kitty knows that he’a got my back, no wonder he always comes to me if he spots his rival out in the yard.

We have our stresses in life and these animals also have their stresses in life, but, there is a slight difference, animals once trust their humans (they know that their two legged friend won’t let any harm happen) but they don’t know what their human friend might be thinking at the back of his head. Trusting a human for an animal is a big deal, know why? Because they tend to live on our terms. Once we have them as a pet- it is our bountiful duty to take up their responsibility, to comfort them, to ease them, pet them and give them their space. It is our liability to them for each and every action and they survive by our own actions.

I protect my pets- do you?

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Life Without A Four Legged Friend

Have you come to think of it, how would your life be without a four legged roaming around in your home? I mean- yeah, if you ask me, I would say- it would be like a lonely person wandering around without any purpose in life.

I do understand that there is a huge responsibility of taking care of a pet and it is very important how we manage the upbringing, training and focusing on the attitude of raising a pet at home. Even after a tedious day at work, there is a charm of going back home and that is to be greeted by your four legged- the love that they shower, endless kisses, doing those frolics and making you gain their attention is simply so adorable❤️I remember, when I was a kid and had beautiful English Country side dog- before going to school there was a drill of getting a hold of our dog named (Sandy) and taking her in the house and upon returning from school, I use to be greeted by an obedient (Batman). She was super adorable and so obedient❤️each of my pet dog has their own place in my heart. It has been 20years but her memories have never faded😔😍

We might think at times that we have so much on our sleeves but honestly, those adorable eyes of the pet are worth it. The love that we see in their eyes is the best feeling in the whole world.

I have just shared my thoughts, you can share yours. Write to us!

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A Letter By Animals

There is a huge planet called Earth- it has a massive population of two legged weird creatures who are in the greed of monetary value and have forgotten the purpose they were created for. Why do they forget that like them, we were also created to together beautify our mother earth. This world has lost sanity, feelings for us and our well-being.

Every year in China there is Yulin Festival where our fellow friends (dogs) are picked up from the streets and sold in the market to be cooked alive just because the humans think that we taste good while in that state. Don’t you human feel the pain while you’re doing this horrific act on us? Why are you so heartless?

Our friends ORCA the beautiful Killer Whale- at the famous SeaWorld- are tamed to entertain people in that small tank where they can hardly breathe at ease and live apart from their families. How would you (human) feel if you’re parted from your own family-children? We also have children and beautiful family and we just like you, live together forever- why have you lost feelings for us? We live in the wild and are free to live the way we wish-don’t destroy us, don’t part us from our families.

Why are the man hunter after our cat family in the wild? They are already endangered species and they want to vanish their existence just for their own pride? Probably- humans love to have stuffed dead body of animals, may be this gives them happiness.

What an irony, human! You have forgotten the purpose of your life that the Lord bestowed you with. You have lost your dignity, sanity, emotions and feelings- this shows your ruthless behavior towards our existence!

Pledging from all the humans out there, we have our own habitat- don’t take our lives, don’t separate us from our families and don’t kill us for fun. We have a heart, emotions and feelings- we do get hurt and we do feel pain.

It is time for you Humans to think twice before you do any unjustified behavior with us as you never know what Karma can do to you!

If you have any furry friend who is in need of help, then get in touch with us.

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Tiger The Rescued Cat

It was one fine day that I had encountered a family of three kittens and a mother hovering around in my garden. The mother was so friendly that she started to come near and wanted me to pet her. She had her kittens with her every time until one day- I noticed that the mother of the kitties has vanished somewhere and was not to be found. I realized that the mother has left the kittens for them to survive on their own.

Despite of having a dog at my place, those kittens use to visit my house every night and played with their favorite tree. After couple of days, one of the kitten started to get friendly with me by himself, I noticed that the kitten was injured by the leg, it seemed as if the front leg bone was dislocated as he was limping. I started to conduct the treatment by giving him pain killer as advised by the Vet and fed him the meals. It was within 2days that I could see the kitten’s health improving and it made me so thankful to my Lord that I was able to be the source of help towards that little kitten. The moment I saw him recover his health- I named him Tiger. He has beautiful stripes design on his body and it just amazes me how our Lord has created each and every living being on this planet.

It was that day when we both started to make a great bond. I use to often walk in my garden at nights and I knew that there is a shadow which follows each of my step and is always right next to me! We share a great bond and it seems to last forever. I wasn’t really a cat person until I met my rescued kitty Tiger.

Share your beautiful story with us as we would love to listen.

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