Want To Be A Pet-Parent?

We often think that having a pet is very easy. We also tend to forget that the pet we are aiming to adopt requires dedication and attention showered with lots of love and affection. If not trained right – then oh boy! things get worse.

The focus should not only be on having a domestic pet but also to make sure which pet you plan on sheltering. I have come along people who have had various issues while adopting. Some of them got carried away and without realizing they ended up having a pair of dogs. My concern is-make sure to adopt a pet at a time, try to give him all the attention at first as it is not easy for the pet to adjust at once, since many of the dogs are either scared by humans or either are tortured by their previous owners. To understand their level of emotion is very important. You have to give them time for that.

It is true when we say that animals do understand our pitch of voice, the frequency of tone, yes! They so do. They might not be able to communicate but their eyes speak a lot of things. Pets are to be cared just like your own children. It is fact that we all should understand and consider them as our family and not as part of our family.

Once you adopt a pet make sure he stays with you as your baby till the end of time!

If you’ve had a similar story, share with us!

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