Monday Blues

Today I am here with no image and no dialogues to share but in fact, here to gather your attention for a cause- a cause to start thinking where our world is leading to, despite of race, religion, gender and caste. We as humans, have to think what we have done to make a better world to live in.

There hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t come across a single share on my face book regarding people hitting and abusing pets. I am so upset with what I watched a while ago! Have people lost their sanity? What pleasure do they get by hitting and abusing pets? Doesn’t their heart breaks while hearing those painful noise of pets while hitting them to death?Where are we going? Who taught us pleasure in killing animals? Who is responsible for these insane inhumane acts? Questions like these arise in my head as my mind boggle around such thoughts. It is so upsetting to see that we humans have lost kindness- those who move out of their comfort zone and safe a life consider themselves as a hero and it is not wrong because there are other people around us who actually would not even step forward to give a lending hand and save a soul.

We really have to think what is happening around us because it is very important on each and every individual to see how much impact we as a human can bring

I shed in tears when I see a video of a man slapping a cat multiple times- My heart tears with pain when I see a Vet hitting and punching pets as a part of his act of examining a pet. We need to stop all the cruelty around us and it will begin within us!

Help us to raise voice for all the Animals around us.

Cats Are Too Cute!

On a busy errand day I was doing my grocery and walking towards by car, I got a glance of a huge tree with hanging pots for birds and food kept in bowl. While gazing at them I was glad to see that people are being so considerate for Animals. Upon sitting in my car I again turned to my side to look at the colorful pots and bowl kept on the tree’s branch, until I noticed a fur ball cuddled up in one of the bowl. The sight was so unbelievable to me that I couldn’t resist to click a picture and share it with my followers.

The sight was so cute that I didn’t want to move my eyes away. I just clicked the picture of this cute kitty sleeping in that bowl. But at the same time I was thinking- that kitty’s life is not safe since that bowl can topple down if she moves a bit. One of the guard saw me admiring the sight told me that the Cat usually visits the tree and sleeps in that bowl.

The reason of sharing this post with you all is that I couldn’t help myself with posting this image because I know the people who are on my followers list love animals and any person would love have that “Awe” moment in the day!


Hope For Life

I saved a Life!

Ever heard that voice from inside yourself? What a feeling it is to actually be happy from the inside out. As it is said “Success comes to those who go out of their comfort zone”. So, similarly- happiness comes to those who seek happiness in tiniest things around. We often tend to get hyper or even fake out stories on social media trying to actually act like a Hero! Honestly, how many of us actually try to go out of our set zone to basically help someone?

Since the time I have had pets, my life has been revolving around each and every animal existing on our planet! It might sound a bit weird to some but if you think about it- you would understand my thoughts. All I know is, we have a short life and in this short span of time we have to study, earn, get a good job then settle down- also we need to take our own hobbies into account! And what if, we also take a step forward and be the helping hand of someone in dire need! That gut feeling from the inside really pushes you hard to the extent that you would actually do anything to safe that poor soul.

There have been times where I followed my inner voice and eventually ended up going all the way to save an animal. You wouldn’t believe and it was a beautiful Eagle who accidentally got electrocuted by one of the electrical wire. I had no clue with handling an eagle but was totally devastated to find the bird in that condition lying in one of the place of my dog. It was 2am and I had immediately called the Vet. Thanks to him that he came over by half an hour and took the bird with him. Because I feared that my dogs would have bothered the Eagle and that birdy wasn’t in the condition to fly or even save his life.

The next morning, I called my Vet and found out that the Eagle has been named as “Flight”. Upon asking the Vet, he answered “Flight (The Eagle) has been very enthusiastic on flipping her wings though she is injured but is still trying to fly”.

The other day before going to bed, I thought to myself that I have been blessed to save a soul and nothing can beat the happiness that I can feel at that moment.

Share your happy stories with us!

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Rising Temperature Also Affects Our Pets

Over the years the weather has been badly affecting us and our pets, may it be any month of the year. The point raised here is very important for us to make sure that we are taking all the desired care to maintain the temperature of our pet.

Do you know?

Animals of all kinds also suffer heat strokes or can die from extreme snowfall. Yes! The reason it is being emphasized to bring your dogs inside the house in extreme weather, is because their paws can get sore and torn. The skin of their paws can be peeled by the extreme increasing weather in the summers and can catch heat stroke. In order to avoid the weather treating your pet badly, there are certain steps that you should consider.

To Avoid Heat Stroke:

1. Keep your pet hydrated, fresh water should be kept for your pet at all times;

2. If your dog is hairy, don’t shave his hair, Keep him in a cool and dry place indoors;

3. Maintain a balanced diet thrice a day, A blend of all nutrients should be provided.

4. Your pet can feel heat inside house too. So make sure the place you’ve kept your pet is cool enough;

5. Monitor the health of your pet at all times

Precautions in Winters:

It is widely understood by majority of people that if the pet has hair on his body then they won’t feel any cold as their hair is going to protect them from winter’s wind. But- as a matter of fact, dogs do feel cold when outside in snowfall or even on a cool breezy day and this can freeze them to death.So, please! Always remember that your pet has all the basic health issues as you have. Don’t think that Animals can be safe and be on their own- Once A Pet- Always A Pet!

They do feel cold, they do feel heat, they do feel hurt, they do feel happy. They are family and need their two legged with them forever. Don’t leave them in rising temperature or even in a cool breezy day. Bring them in- always!