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  • Hope For Change!

    Hope For Change!

    I was reading a blog of my fellow friend and came across a beautiful share of “Are We Good Humans”. For a minute I stopped right there and thought about myself- how well of a kind of a human I am. Well yes, before pointing onto to others or raising a finger on someone will…

  • Tore Apart Deep Inside

    Tore Apart Deep Inside

    Every morning I wake up get done with my routine chores and at last hold on to my phone. As soon as I scroll my social media, I see various shares of inhumane act on a poor animal. As I continue scrolling, the more the stories pops up and the more I began to read-…

  • Do You Support Watching Animals Fight?

    Do You Support Watching Animals Fight?

    It is an inhumane act if we say that we are into dog fights. Raising beautiful dogs into aggressive souls and betting on them- does it makes any sense to you all? It takes a great effort and guts to actually let dogs fight with a heart breaking ending! What is the use, why do…

  • Life Without A Four Legged Friend

    Life Without A Four Legged Friend

    Have you come to think of it, how would your life be without a four legged roaming around in your home? I mean- yeah, if you ask me, I would say- it would be like a lonely person wandering around without any purpose in life. I do understand that there is a huge responsibility of…

  • Animals Away From Their Wilderness

    Animals Away From Their Wilderness

    Have you ever come to think on the fact that what in literal meaning does Entertainment means? Does it means that the animals are to be considered as the sense of entertainment? Are you serious? How can we think of entertaining ourselves by keeping an animal away from the wilderness and taming them to face…

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