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  • The Guarding Pet

    The Guarding Pet

    It’s the first day of the week with so much to get done with. As usual, before leaving home I said goodbye to my Diesel and Tiger, so that they know that I will be home after couple of hours. (I know- most of the pet parents do talk to their fur babies which people […]

  • Calling To The Master

    Calling To The Master

    It is GOD who has created every little living being on this planet to serve Humans- may that be insects, plants and animals, as the verse quotes: “It was HE who created all that is on the earth for you, then turned to the sky and made the seven heavens; it is HE who has […]

  • Have You Ever Noticed Your Pet’s Eyes?

    Have You Ever Noticed Your Pet’s Eyes?

    Yeah! Come to think of it. Have you ever noticed how well your pet communicates with you. Obviously! They don’t speak our language but it doesn’t means that they can’t express. A person whose dealt with animals or has pets in their homes, I am sure they would be able to relate to this. It […]