Do You Know How To Communicate With Your Pet?

This is one of the mysterious question that I am often asked by number of people I meet. May it be a dinner or a casual get together of a bunch of friends. At times- I really feel dumb answering the question, but do you know why?

The reason is, only those people would be able to understand who have had pets and know every attribute of communicating with them. I am often labeled as a Animal Whisperer’ and I really love it, the feeling of actually knowing the animal’s emotions and sentiments and then grasping it in our words is the real connection that I share with the animal. It is very amusing that even the animals have their tantrums, their attitudes and frolics just like humans do. They also feel happy, sad, emotional like us and they also feel pain, hurt just like we humans do. I would like to share a cute incident that I faced just recently. As you all know that I have rescued a cat and I have been taking care of him by all means. So it’s just about a day ago that, there are these another stray cats who have been wandering around and visiting my place for a nap and in search of my Cat to beat him up. One day- this another cat was in the garden and as usual I was out in the garden for a stroll. My rescued Cat saw me calling the other cat, the reason I was calling the other cat was to make him run away so that my cat can stay outside for a while and play around. But, who knew that in order to make that cat run away, my cat Tiger actually ignored me through out! How did I make out? Usually when I call my cat’s name- he comes running and answering me as if telling that ‘I am coming’. He literally ignored me that day- he didn’t come to me, usually he does, infact he loves to lie on my feet wherever I am and follows me like everywhere! He was so pissed off at me that it showed on his face.

That day I realized, no matter what happens, I am going to make sure that my cat feels the affection and care when in-front of other cats or pets. But, the thing is my cat Tiger is way too jealous of my dog Diesel. What to do about that?

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Calling To The Master

It is GOD who has created every little living being on this planet to serve Humans- may that be insects, plants and animals, as the verse quotes:

“It was HE who created all that is on the earth for you, then turned to the sky and made the seven heavens; it is HE who has knowledge of all things.” (Qur’an 2:29)

It was just today evening, that I was on a routine scroll in the garden where I saw Tiger looking up above the sky and “meowing”- as per my gaze, it was pitch dark with just the street lights on and all I could see was the huge blue sky up above. The sight was so mesmerizing that for few seconds I was lost in the beauty of our mother nature. We are moving in a very high pace that we often tend to forget the blessings that we are blessed with- each and every day. It is about even the tiniest thing that we can think of before going to bed. The moment made me think plenty of aspects of life, until Tiger “meowed” in another tone with a different frequency in his pitch, still staring at the blue sky. That very moment I realized that probably it is the conversation that he is making with his Master. The beautiful thing that I noticed was either he was making a prayer or may be trying to ask the purpose of his life in my house.

We all know that, every living thing on this planet actually makes a prayer. We all have to return one day and we all have to leave every luxurious things in life and go back to our Master empty handed. It is time that we all should start realizing the main purpose of our life and time.

Time keeps ticking- all we need to do is, to make our focus straight, count our blessings and be thankful for every little thing in our life.

Leap Of Faith

  • I wasn’t a Cat person until I met Tiger, The Rescued Cat. All my teenage years I have been surrounded with beautiful number of dogs, varying in sizes and breed, never ever thought of having a cat because I always thought Cats don’t respond well like dogs -but I guess, I was wrong.
  • I learned that Cats communicate and the medium they choose is their Tail. When I rescued Tiger, at first I was a bit hesitant as he did not have any vaccinations done and too a stray cat, but gradually I had succeeded in gaining his trust on me. With time, I am able to understand a Cat’s behavior, specifically with “meow”. Yeah! I find it pretty interesting with my cat’s meowing. It is pretty cute to see how they make such sounds and look so cute altogether. It is just not the humans who have to put in their trust in animals, it is actually with mutual understanding between the human and the animal. Since I had the experience of being with dogs, dealing with Cat was not really difficult, but the point to realize is that my Kitty actually now depends on me!
  • My cat is not indoors. He goes out and comes back in. Majority of the time he stays inside but since he loves to stay outside, he does goes outside and rush back in because he has so many other cats who really end up fighting with him. Gradually, with time I realized that Tiger feels save when I am around. He would come outside seeing me strolling in the garden and sit on his favorite spot.
  • By sitting on this spot he gets the clear view to see his predators. Looking at him sitting like this with his ears all alert, I think to myself that how would have survived if I wasn’t here for him to help. I understand that Animals can defend themselves but once they get in a fight no one can save them! I am now more concerned about my Kitty because I got to know that cats if left unattended they can be defenseless!
  • Knowing that my kitty is only 8months, I really feel for him and his good health. Anyone of you can tell me the reason why the other cats are after him? What can I do to save my Kitty or make him brave enough?
  • Suggestions are welcome! Get in touch with me either comment or e-mail.
  • Lost In My Thoughts

    After the weekend it is the first day of the week which makes me feel so lazy! Yes, getting to realize the fact that yes, Monday is here and my human won’t be around in the day time so I really have to be hovering around her to get attention.

    That’s right I love my human and she loves me too. No matter what time of the day or night it is- I know she will be there for me when I need her. May it be for my meal time, a walk in the yard, or even playtime- I simply enjoy each minute spent with my human. My past wasn’t really good, I had been a victim of weird strangers on street who use to hit me and then those wild cats, who nearly injured me to death but thanks to my human family who actually saved me from my misery.

    So basically, I have my two legged family, who loves me a lot and have given me the whole house for my use. Yeah, that’s right- I sleep in my favorite human’s room and stretch the way I want, though I know she doesn’t like me being over her personal bed but, I love to mess up the bedsheet you see. After all I am a cat ☺️

    I love stretching on my favorite spot😉

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    Tiger The Rescued Cat

    It was one fine day that I had encountered a family of three kittens and a mother hovering around in my garden. The mother was so friendly that she started to come near and wanted me to pet her. She had her kittens with her every time until one day- I noticed that the mother of the kitties has vanished somewhere and was not to be found. I realized that the mother has left the kittens for them to survive on their own.

    Despite of having a dog at my place, those kittens use to visit my house every night and played with their favorite tree. After couple of days, one of the kitten started to get friendly with me by himself, I noticed that the kitten was injured by the leg, it seemed as if the front leg bone was dislocated as he was limping. I started to conduct the treatment by giving him pain killer as advised by the Vet and fed him the meals. It was within 2days that I could see the kitten’s health improving and it made me so thankful to my Lord that I was able to be the source of help towards that little kitten. The moment I saw him recover his health- I named him Tiger. He has beautiful stripes design on his body and it just amazes me how our Lord has created each and every living being on this planet.

    It was that day when we both started to make a great bond. I use to often walk in my garden at nights and I knew that there is a shadow which follows each of my step and is always right next to me! We share a great bond and it seems to last forever. I wasn’t really a cat person until I met my rescued kitty Tiger.

    Share your beautiful story with us as we would love to listen.

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